TriboTEX for Big Rigs - Treats One (1) Semi Truck - Made in USA

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TriboTEX has heard from truckers and has now perfected the “Big Rig” formulation and now available for those large diesel workhorses. 

Reduced engine friction results in better fuel economy and longer engine life. The TriboTEX additive protects and improves the engine by forming a long lasting hard surface coating in high friction areas. Proven by science and verified by operators, TriboTEX diesel additive pays for itself through better fuel economy and the “reverse wear” coating provides that extra insurance during full performance trips and in high time engines. 

Protective lubrication of the turbocharger(s) is a major benefit.

In 500 miles of use, TriboTEX goes to work to:

  • More noticeable horsepower for those long climbs.
  • Better fuel economy – TriboTEX pays for itself, then TriboTEX pays you with fuel savings.
  • Noisy engines will become noticeably quieter particularly during cold engine start-up.

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One applicator treats 10-15 gallons of motor oil (Class 7-8 trucks)  TriboTEX is ideally added between oil changes.  Only one application is needed to form the highly lubricious, hard surface coating on your engine's bearings.  

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