TriboTEX Engine - Single Cylinder Formula

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Treat any cylinder directly with this compact syringe. Perfect for power tools, chainsaws, snow mobiles, mopeds, two-strokes, four-strokes, and any single cylinder engine.


  1. Warm up your engine, then shut it off.
  2. Once cool enough to do so safely, remove spark plug
  3. Inject treatment directly into cylinder.
  4. Replace spark plug and let idle for 15 minutes.

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how much for a 4 cal engine (Whately, US)
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): Toyota Prius
maintenance director

can this be used ti a auto grease for a large bearing? Cost four a 4 cal car engine

Joseph Mixson (Brandenburg, US)
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): Stihl FS series weedeater
Weed eater is upped a notch for sure!

I have had a Stihl two stroke weed eater for about four years now and it has performed very well. I'd say the best I have owned over the years. I am religious about using high octane gas and using Stihl oil in the mix. I was a little hesitant to do anything out of the routine that might make it stop working so well. I am not sure about the instructions as written for this application but it is generally what I followed. After running the engine for a few minutes I removed the spark plug and put about a 1/4 of the product in the cylinder. Then I gently pulled the cord a couple times to wipe the cylinder without blowing it out the plug port and stopping on the intake stroke. The reason I did this is I am pretty sure you would not be able to get the engine to spin up with a closed cylinder filled with that much liquid. Too much compression. Anyway put plug back it and started. After a little stutter and smoke it rev'd up. Ran for about 20 min. Repeated two more times using a little more liquid. Then ran for about an hour. Now the motor starts on the first or second pull just like it did brand new. However the real improvement is in performance. We have lots of tough to cut weeds in my area and while the pretreatment eater did a good job it is much improved now. I do not have to rev up to full throttle on anything but the worst growth. No more bogging down it burns right through. Using the same string and head I have always used. Noticeably longer run time on a tank of gas. If I knew this would have been the result I would have set up to document/video etc.. beforehand. I will try it in a few other applications later on.

Miguel Jay
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): 2004 Honda 400ex
The best

I treated this with my quad, you know it works as soon as you put it in the engine, this stuff really protects the engine well, and I use it for everything, don’t hesitate on waiting. You will love this stuff.

Charles Lauziere
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): 2010 Dodge Charger HEMI

Cylinder misfire