Our Story

How One Scientist Changed The Future of Automotive Technology

TriboTEX began as just another PhD research project in 2011. But what was discovered will change how you treat your engine forever...

Originally, the project was focused on environmentally friendly additives. Dr. Pavlo “Pasha” Rudenko was a PhD student at WSU in 2011 when he discovered one additive that caught his eye.

At first, he thought his lab equipment was giving him “bad data”. It wasn't possible that a material could give him such consistent and dramatic results. It looked like the holy grail of lubricants:

  • Effective - It eliminated most of the friction robbing your engine of efficiency
  • Long lasting - It “healed” itself as friction zones in the engine changed
  • Selective - It only coated parts with too much of friction, never mucking up other areas
  • Safe -  It wouldn’t harm you or the environment

Dr. Rudenko applied for more grants to make sure he was right. Because of his findings, Dr. Rudenko’s team received funds from the DOE, NASA, the NSF, and more. Pasha also spent time interning at U.S. labs like Argonne and PNNL. Everywhere he went, tribology scientists were blown away by his team’s findings.

(If you want to see the reports for yourself, please visit our Science page.)

After 6 years of diligent testing, including real on-road vehicles, they were ready. They could prove the results. They figured out how to make the material at scale. All they had to do was get this into the hands of drivers everywhere.

Kickstarter and IndieGogo were only the beginning. In the process, we’ve grown from a one man research lab to a team of four. Today, TriboTEX has made engines, gearboxes, and industrial equipment perform like never before.

TriboTEX isn't a secret anymore. We've sold and shipped thousands of applications to hungry drivers everywhere. But it’s not too late to see what TriboTEX can do for your own rig.

We're still on the first leg of the race to more efficient engines.


Dr. Pasha Rudenko and the TriboTEX Team