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The little sibling to our original formula that gives you superior gas mileage, power, and noise reduction. Perfect for smaller four (4) cylinder engines, compact cars, motorcycles, small equipment, and scooters.

Treats engines up to 2.0L/125ci.

How does TriboTEX reverse wear? It actively fills in worn out spots inside your engine. Like applying a finish to a wood table fills in chips and scratches. The magic is how it only fills in spots where friction is highest. Never worry about clogging up oil filters, ports, or lifters.

It was developed with grants from NASA, the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Energy and more. TriboTEX’s nanomaterial has been shown in tests to:

  • Reduce friction by more than 10X over engine oil alone
  • Increase horsepower by 1-3%
  • Increase fuel economy up to 6% in cars with 130K+ miles 
  • Reduce engine noise within the first 15 minutes of use
  • Fill in worn away material up to 40 micron or .0016 inch
  • Is as environmentally friendly and safe as baby oil

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Using TriboTEX is easier than changing your wiper blades. Less frustrating too. It won’t even take more than two minutes during your next oil change. All you do is:

1. Locate your oil cap under the hood. 
2. Inject all 20 mL of the additive into your oil compartment. 
3. Drive 500 miles to feel the full effect.

4. Apply TriboTEX again in 40,000 miles or during your 10th oil change.

It takes 15 minutes to start working and 500 miles of driving to reach every corner of your engine. One regular application treats 1.5-4 quarts of motor oil. TriboTEX is also compatible with all engine oils, engine oil additives, and engine types.

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Customer Reviews

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14L Detroit

Put it in my semi truck with 1,000,000+ miles. Immediately noticed a smoother idle & noticeably less engine noise thru the transmission stick at highway cruising speeds. Seems to have a bit more power too. Haven’t checked fuel mileage yet, but am pleased with the results I’ve seen.

Year, Make, Model and Mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): i used it in a kawasaki vulcan 2000 classic a 2007 125 cubic inch v-twin.
good for my machine

I had some lifter clatter and after 350 miles with tribotex in my oil the clatter quit and I noticed much more horsepower.

Amazing Product

I added TriboTEX to my 1999 Honda CR-V with over 200,000 miles on it. The TriboTEX has been in for 2 months now. I have to say I was shocked right after I put in and I am still shocked with the results. It drives like it is new again. I would recommend this to anyone that wants that new car feel again. You won't regret it.

Year, Make, Model and Mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): 2008 Smart Car
It *works*!!

I added TriboTex to the 1.0L engine in my 2008 Smart ForTwo at exactly 129,500 miles on the odometer. I immediately noticed a significant difference in how the vehicle idled at a stop. It typically idled at 955 to 985 RPM. Wide idle range. After adding this stuff, it now idles smoothly at 950 RPM. When taking off, it's now more responsive, more sensitive to throttle input. It would typically jerk, as the throttle always seemed to hesitate a bit, but that no longer seems to be the case. I can creep along at a very low speed without hesitation or bucking. As of now, the car reaches an overall great saturation temp of 199° F. This is normal for these revved up little 3-bangers. I'm so very curious to see if this will decrease & what other things I may notice in the next four to five hundred miles. So far, I'm very impressed. I've been a professional automotive detail technician for many years, specializing in paint correction topped with nano ceramic & quartz coatings. I fully understand what it takes to develop chemical compounds of this nature & encourage you to try it for yourself.

Tribotex additive

Well seeing as the instructions state a very high mileage for using the product
It would be hard give a proper review but as long as I've had in my 1997 audi a4
1.8T I'm satisfied with its performance and we will see as times goes on.

4 banger

Hello well I put tribotex in my 1994 honda civic with a b18c1 gsr engine at the time the car was dyno at 527hp I notice that the car idle went down and felt smoother so I decided to have it retuned I did change the cams In it with skunk 2 tuner 2s from stock cams and off we went to the dyno. car did really well 813hp @50%duty cycle i been to the track several times drive it there and back street/track car running 10 sec passes going for 9s In. The next two weeks drain the oil several times to check for metal and found nothing oil always looks good and clean only down fall I see is that I use e85 and it thinner then gas and use 30%and it drips down to the oil so I have to chang my oil way before 500 miles so it'll get kind of expensive wish it was a bit cheaper so I'm not in it for gas mileage but more in it for the internal protection of the car and its seems to be doing a great job I do have 3 other cars I would like to try it for gas mileage at some point. (How about a sponsorship guys) or at least make it more affordable for us racers to use it every oil change or every other oil chang. Ty

Year, Make, Model and Mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): My high mileage vehicles knocked and ticked on cold startups. In less than 300 miles, they were considerably quieter and smoother.
Great product and excellent customer service

I’m running it in my 1970 International with IDK how many miles. In 300 miles she stopped the start up knocking and has smoothed out considerably.
In my 98 jeep with 250000 miles. Exactly the same results.
And in my 99 cavalier. Same. IT WORKS

Awesome Tech

So, with potentially nothing left to lose in my 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Rough idle poor MPG probably a slew of existing problem that did not get fixed. I heard about TriboTEX Believe it or not on a Facebook add. Watch their YouTube video and thought what can it hurt. I had immediate improvement that were slightly noticeable, followed by substantial improvements as the break in period came to a close 25-39 MPG I expect it will be a bit early for the wow to wear off one tank of gas results in MPG has a large margin of error But I am not far from the second go round. I am very satisfied with what I see so far, The MPG was a bonus I was just looking for a smoother ride i.e. less vibration during idle. And that was a complete success.