Restore and protect your engine

Delivers better gas mileage, more horsepower, and prevents wear. Add it to your next oil change in less than 2 minutes. Science backed by grants from NASA, DOE, NSF, and more.

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Benefits of Using TriboTEX

  • Improved Gas Mileage

    Go further on the same tank of gas.  Improves gas mileage by 3-5% in cars, particularly in higher mileage vehicles.   Less internal friction means more energy goes to the wheels.

  • Increased Horsepower

    More power for responsive handling and speed. Increases horsepower by 3% in dyno tests.

  • Reverse Wear

    Nano-material coatings are used to improve the efficiency and increase the operational lifetime of engines and gearboxes.  The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings, by design, are self-adaptive to repair wear. 

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How do I use TriboTEX?

Simply add TriboTEX to your new engine oil during your next oil change. Within 15 minutes you'll notice a difference in the engine noise. Within 500 miles you'll feel the difference in gas mileage and horsepower.

Continue to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. TriboTEX will keep working even after your oil is changed. We recommend using TriboTEX every 40,000 miles. 

Where can I get TriboTEX?

You can get TriboTEX exclusively through our website, Indiegogo campaign and Amazon Prime. We are matching the prices on our Indiegogo campaign here on our site too. Use the code INDIE at checkout to receive the discount on your single application or diesel application.

How do I use it?

How does it work?

TriboTEX is a revolutionary breakthrough in engine coating technology. Conceptually the technology is straight forward. The material science however is quite sophisticated; engineered, synthetic nanosheets are designed to be slick on one side and sticky on the other. During normal engine operation, when added to oil, these nanosheets attach to metal surfaces (sticky side down), particle by particle, leaving the slick sides facing outward. After 500 miles, of normal driving, internal components are coated with a porous, lubricious tribofilm exhibiting excellent embedibility and oil retention. The slippery surface contains select catalysts, incorporated by design, facilitating the formation of a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) cap on top. Originally these self assembling coatings were developed for improving performance of gearboxes under the grueling demands of wind turbines. The TriboTEX platform was constructed with $1 million dollars of research and development support from the National Science Foundation and NASA.

Are TriboTEX nanoparticles safe and environmentally friendly?

Yes, TriboTEX’s nanoparticles are made from harmless materials using our patent pending process. The nanoparticles only react when exposed to high heat and pressure, so TriboTEX is just as safe to handle as baby oil. For more handling instructions please refer to our MSDS. 

What about my rotary/ two stroke/ exotic engine?

TriboTEX works in all engine types including four-stroke gasoline car engines, diesel, rotary, hybrid, turbocharged, supercharged, high horspower and two-stroke. TriboTEX only attaches to metals in high stress areas inside your engine. It is safe for complex valve trains, wet clutches, turbocharges, HEUI and more. 

I have an XX L engine. How much TriboTEX do I need?

We base the amount of TriboTEX needed on the amount of oil you intend to treat, not the size of the engine. Each regular tube of TriboTEX is designed to treat 3-8 Quarts of engine oil. We recommend you continue to change your oil regularly, but you won't need to add TriboTEX to every oil change. It is recommended that you add TriboTEX every 40,000 miles. 

I backed your Kickstarter campaign and haven't received my order. How do I fix this?

First, make sure that you check your email spam folder for the Backer Kit survey that went out in June. If you aren't able to find it there, please send an email to with your pledge details and a screenshot of your receipt. We'll make it right ASAP.

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