Experience more power for responsive handling and speed. Dyno testing shows horsepower increases up to 13%.


    Go further on the same tank of gas. Our customers report fuel economy improvements of up to 20% on idle (2-6% hwy).


    Never quit. Extend the life and vitality of your engine with a diamond-like armor that self-adapts to reverse wear.

Stop friction in its tracks.

Friction wastes energy and wears out critical surfaces, meaning weaker performance and costly repairs. With TriboTEX, you can protect and repair with nanoparticles that reverse wear. Science backed by grants from NASA, DOE, NSF, and the U.S. Air Force. Learn more...

Add TriboTEX to your oil in less than 2 minutes.

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TriboTEX Engine - Mini Formula

TriboTEX Engine - Mini Formula

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TriboTEX Engine - Diesel Formula

TriboTEX Engine - Diesel Formula

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TriboTEX Engine - Big Rig Formula

TriboTEX Engine - Big Rig Formula

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use TriboTEX?

Simply add TriboTEX to your engine oil fill between oil changes. Within 15 minutes, you’ll notice a reduction in noise. As you drive for the next 500 miles, TriboTEX nanoparticles are forged into a diamond-like armor on your engine.

Continue to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. TriboTEX will keep working even after your oil is changed. We recommend adding TriboTEX every 40,000 miles.

How does it work?

TriboTEX nanoparticles have two sides, one that binds and one that glides. The grippy side reinforces and strengthens, while the slippery side reduces friction.

Just like carbon in the mantle of the earth, they self-align into a diamond-like armor under the heat and pressure of your engine, grippy side facing in and slippery side facing out. This coating dramatically reduces friction, down to superlubricity levels.

Learn more on our Science page.

Where can I buy it?

You can get TriboTEX exclusively through our website, Indiegogo campaign and Amazon Prime. We are matching the prices on our Indiegogo campaign here on our site too. Use the code INDIE at checkout.

Is TriboTEX safe for the environment?

Yes, TriboTEX is made from harmless materials using our patent pending process. The nanoparticles only react when exposed to high heat and pressure, so TriboTEX is just as safe to handle as baby oil. For more handling instructions please refer to our MSDS

Is TriboTEX safe for my engine?

TriboTEX only attaches to at-risk metals in high stress zones where it reacts to the heat and pressure of the engine, so you never have to worry about clogging up oil filters, ports, or lifters. It is safe for complex valve trains, wet clutches, turbocharges, HEUI and more.

What about my specialty machine or vehicle?

Yes! TriboTEX works in all engine types including four-stroke gasoline car engines, diesel, rotary, hybrid, turbocharged, supercharged, high horsepower and two-stroke. The Original TriboTEX is formulated to treat 4-8 quarts of oil. Contact us if you have a question or schedule a consultation for a custom solution.

How much do I need for my XL engine?

The amount of TriboTEX you need is based on the amount of oil you intend to treat, not the size of the engine. Each Original tube of TriboTEX treats 3-8 Quarts of engine oil. Each Diesel tube treats 4-16 quarts.

Continue to change your oil regularly. Our mechanics recommend treating with TriboTEX every 40,000 miles.