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Quick results

Put this in my Tuareg, and my Mistake both with over 100k. The Tuareg in a few days started up a lot smoother. Added it to both of my
motorcycles also and heard the difference in the smoother clutch. I put a lot of miles in all my vehicles and routinely change my oil so we'll see as the miles roll on.

TriboTex Trial

I put Tribotex into my '06 Audi A6 3.2L (+/- 180k) and '99 A4 2.7L (approx. 250k). Both engines were quieter, smoother, more responsive and powerful after the 500 mile wear-in period. Not sure if I'm getting better gas mileage, but performance boost definitely worth it - next shot at 290k?

See No difference

I have seen No Difference after using this product. Very Disappointed!

End user

Applied to 2007 Chrysler 300 with over 135k miles and motor has never run better.

Not so Sure

I have a 2012 Subaru Outback 2.5 with 97000 miles. Honestly, I have seen zero difference in mileage. 26.4 before and 26.4 after. I was hoping for slightly better.

1991 Toyota

I put this into a 1991 Toyota Camry. The engine runs much smoother after about 50 miles. I have put on around 450 miles now and it runs great. Have to check gas milage to see if it is any better.

I hope it works as promised

I installed it on a 2006 Infinit FX35 with 127000 miles and on a 2015 Silverado 3500 HD diesel with 29000 miles. I haven’t driven a lot of miles with the Infinti and have not noticed much of a change. I recently took an 800 mile trip with The Silverado. It seems a bit quieter, mileage about the same. I hoping that it will prolong the engines as I plan on keeping both vehicles for a long time.

easy stuff

I wasn't aware from the package that engine needed to be warmed up when injecting
I saw a video later that explained it better

No noticeable difference

I used this in a 2010 Subaru Impreza with 96,500 miles. Have put about a 1,000 miles on since using the product and the engine still idles rough and there also hasn’t been any increase in gas mileage. Could have bought 10 cans of Seafoam for what this cost but I wanted to at least give it a shot.

Did it work?

I hope it is working well. I put this in both of my vehicles, 2013 Audi A6 & 2011 Range Rover Sport. Both vehicles have approximately 85,000 miles and only use fully synthetic oils. I havent noticed much of a difference after using TriboTEX, but only time will tell.

So far so good!

My car is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4TB MultiAir using Shell Helix Ultra engine oil.

Used Tribotex and drove roughly 4000 km now. So far no issue with MultiAir engine.

While I do not have concrete data of fuel efficiency and decibel readings, but the engine did feel smoother after 2 days from injecting (roughly 150km of driving).

Hope it does reduce engine wear and tear on the long run!

the little engine that could

My engine was making some odd noise. Even after I just changed the oil. I added this to it and I could feel a difference in power after a day and my engine got a little bit quieter . It's running like a champ now. Thanks for telling me about your product.

Great product!!

It took 5 minutes to hear the difference.

Good Stuff

havent had it in use long enough to have noticed any differance

Interesting technology

Just looking to keep my engine working as smooth as possible.


Made engines in old truck and also made motorcycle engine run much better. I strongly recommend this for any engine.

Do It Again, baby

Put two small tubes in my G20 2000 rice burner 2.0 L around same time as a BG service. The MPG went up a lot. More than from a typical BG service. Smoother. This is a 185K+ engine. Can't wait to put in the next TriboTex dose at 220K. All I wanna know now: What can y'all do for my automatic transmission?

Thanks, and rock on.


So far I have only used it in my old 1966 Ford F100 to see if it could prolong the life of the original V8. I hope it works, but I don't drive it every day, so it might take some time to see improvements.

Rough then great

Well my order had gotten messed up at first but after a couple emails they more than made up for it. Above and beyond

Working great

So far it's working great

04 Toyota

Put TriboTEX in @ 220k miles, sitting at 223k today, runs smoother at idle and driving down highway, fuel mileage is better haven’t noticed much a big jump in horsepower but acceleration is smoother and more consistent.

New life to an old Ford Escape.

The 2007 Escape accelerates faster and doesn't slow down as fast when I take my foot off the gas.
I'm not filling up as often. Every three weeks as opposed to two. TriboTEX seems to be delivering on it's promise.

Worth it

Purchased it about 500 miles ago for my Jeep Wrangler Jk that has 129000 miles. I have noticed a difference in the horsepower and a little boost in gas mileage. Good stuff.

Like it so far

Seems to be running smoother, and mileage has improved.

Nano Civic

I squeezed a hypo of juice into my 2013 Civic and the first thing I noticed was the idle smoothed out I only have 49000 miles on this car, so hopefully it isn’t in that bad of shape. I don’t have a dB. Meter so I cannot comment on the noise level. It would be logical that if it idles smoother there would be less clatter wouldn’t it? Oh well my hearing isn’t that great either. Last but not least I do know how to do the math for mpg and that had improved by .4 to .6 mpg dependent on driving conditions.
Now I know the smal mpg improvement will not pay for the additive but if my engine life is extended that’s a real bonus, so in a few years I’ll let you know the long term benefit.

My Vrooom is back.

I purchased the Baby size dose of TriboTEX for my '07 Saturn Sky. This additive has been the easiest to add to the engine of any other I have used. I noticed a change in RPM after about 15 minutes of driving. The car now pulls great out of low RPM without having to downshift as in the past. I will definitely report back in as I find more improvements in the engine. I'm a true believer now.
David from Cincy.

Did it do anything??

I used it but could not tell if anything changed my car still runs the same

Waiting for oil changes to add Tribotex.

I have added the recommended amount of Tribotex to a 1.8 Liter, 89500 mileage, nine year old work car. I drive about 14 miles per day to and from work. The miles per gallon in this vehicle appear to have increased from 33/34 miles per gallon to 36/37 miles mpg. Still waiting on oil changes to add the recommended amount of Tribotex to my wife's vehicle and a farm-use pickup truck.

Great Product

I am absolutely blown away by the deference in the performance in 1994 Harley Davidson Soft-tail with 91,000 miles with no top end work. Now I had a couple of small bubbles / leaks at the bottom of my rear jug and they have all disappeared and soft-tails are known for those leaks. I had no idea TriboTEX would fix those too, well they did on mine. I am greatly pleased with my results, plus the fact that it has pushed a Top-End just a little further down the Road this year. Thanks TriboTEX...Gene "Bones" Boswell...

Winter Trip

Put in a 2005 Ford 350 Super Duty Class C Camper with 143,000. Miles on it. After Trip 147,000 drove to Nevada from Chicago looking for warmer weather did not get any until Texas. Engine less noisy on cold start ups mileage improved a little hard to judge was towing a car (On Dolley).

Not enough mileage for a good test.

Put additive in a 2001 Ford 7.3 Triton service truck. Haven't put enough miles on for a good test, but the engine seems to be running quieter.

Still in first 500 miles

My test is still in first 500 miles. It sounds like the engines have run quieter. There may be some mileage increase, but on farm driving is not good for a mileage check.

I improperly installed on my '15 prius that was running at the time

I squeezed the syringe and emptied the entirety of its contents into my oil fill with the cap off in the engine running well on a Prius it doesn't know it runs so it kicked on while I was doing it and a little bit of Doubt but I noticed if I warm my car up for 5 minutes it will increase my gas mileage the engine already was noticeably quieter and running smoothly my car is probably a rental unit from my best guess because this product really worked even though I didn't get all of it into my 1.8 liter Atkinson cycle engine I have no belts in my engine everything is gear-driven inside internal electrical so anything to increase the efficiency of my generator is keeping me from a $3,000 repair on my inverter

I was skeptical

I put a tube of this in my 2002 Chevy 1 ton ranch truck. I didn’t have high hopes, but thought I would try it. Within 10 minutes the 454 cl was running much quieter, and after 500 miles of VERY hard work, it is still quiet, and my gas mileage has improved exponentially. The truck runs much smoother and cooler than it ever has, and I am pleased with the results. As a born skeptic, I had my doubts, but not any more. Kudos to the engineers that promote this technology. It was well worth investigating and trying, and I will continue to use this product in all the ranch vehicles.


Warmed motor by running it for about 10 miles. Poured product in. Noticeable noise drop in 10 minutes. A second tank of gas showed a mileage increased by 2.5 miles a gallon. Yesterday I noticed steam rising from of hood. The radiator had been leaking water from a crack. I have replaced the radiator, but I wonder if this helped my motor survive the incident. 4 cylinders freeze very easily. Checking the top where I inserted product I noticed some of the product still has remained where it landed.
2004 Elantra GT 2.0 2.OL 4 Cyl. DOHC CVVT 100,000 MILES

1000 miles

Our 124000 mile Chevy Malibu Maxx engine was starting to sound 'loose' a thousand miles into Tribotex and at 125000 miles the engine sounds almost like new. The idle has smoothed out, the acceleration is brisker and overall driving experience is much better. I believe Tribotex has made a big difference and will expect to reuse it again in 40000 miles.

Diesel 1.4

Will it work on a 1.4L diesel engine? Please tell me which one is suitable for my vehicle. Its a 1.4L CRDI

Best in 50+ years driving

I am a driver with 50 years on the road and rebuild my first car engine with my dad when I was 14. Retired military veteran. I tried many additives and not received long-term satisfaction. Pledged early on Kickstarter because of DOD funding those guys got. Little thumb size syringe arrived in the mail in a crafty plain box. It did wonders to our V6 Camry with 310000 miles and two timing belts replaced. The car was in our family for a long time and our daughter got through college in it. After injection, it took about 3 minutes to notice that motor started to become quieter and after about a week of driving it turned into smooth running ant torque picked back up just like we first drove it off the lot! This stuff is the only one that gave such a strong effect on an old car. Returned and got treatment for a semi. Big syringe arrived with different color stuff. In my Cat engine, my MPG went from mid 5's to low 6's. The engine is much quieter and has way less vibration. Noticed that oil stays clear quite longer and less blowby. Looking forward for rear diff product!


put it in 2 vehicles a couple weeks ago both got quieter going to take trip in one this weekend

Great Product

I bought TriboTex for my 2012 Audi Q5 which has done 120000 miles. After a few minutes the engine was quieter and after a week my gas mpg went from 22 to 24mpg. I have also so put it in my wife's 11 year Toyota Corolla which also seems to be running much better, not sure of gas mileage as it is only used twice a week maybe 50 miles tops.

Quieter engine

I purchased 5 Tribo-Tex oil additives and wanted to wait until I did my next oil change. I added Tribo-Tex and let the engine idle for 15 minutes. When I returned I did notice a reduction in overall engine noise. My car has 190K miles and although I haven't reached the 500 miles for Tribo-Tex to break in, I am hopeful that it will do what is expected. I also did another additive to my wife's car of 330K and noticed a reduction in engine noise as well. I'll be sure to repost as time passes.

2013 Tacoma

I ordered 2 small engine treatment and put both in 600 miles ago and this stuff has dune exactly what it clam to do so far, the engine seems to idle smoother and quieter, as far as mpg maybe a little, just put new spark plugs and air filter in, so mpg is still to be determined.

Harley Fat Bob

Seems to run smoother and cooler.


Seems like my zero turn engine rn cooler and hope to get a lot more life put it’s B&S engine


I injected TriboTex into a 8.1 ltr 496 Chevy engine which was in a 2002 Yukon 2500 slt. The vehicle got between 10 mpg to 12mpg in the condition it was in. The product did two things for me. Within minuets the bearing noise I always heard was gone. The second incredible thing was the mpg was now 13mpg and more. In a time where snake oil is pushed, along comes a product that works.

Still don’t know

I’ve got over 850 miles since adding and have seen nothing notable in milage or performance.

Not sure

I put a large tube into my Nissan Murano and a small tube into my wife's Toyota Prius. We have put more than 500 miles on each vehicle and cannot discern any noticeable difference in either.


My car is a 2015 Ford Focus with 3 cylinder engine. The first application of TriboTex was just over 5000 miles ago.. I already have purchased a small engine size pack for the next change in about 1000 miles more. I have little if any less gas consumption. BUT I have an engine which is now Rolls Royce quiet, And smoother, and more responsive, and starts even more readily than before TriboTex even in the low low temperatures of the past few weeks. I have a small disappointment that there is no improvement in gas mileage.but no matter I now have an engine I do not hear but it feels better and that is satisfactory.


I like most was skeptical about the product. I put the product in my 2013 Chevy Silverado with 65K. After about 250-500 miles I started noticing a change. The engine was running smoother and gas mileage increased tremendously. I commute about 80 miles a day. Prior to using Tribotex I would have to fill up about every two days. Now I'm going 4 days. Impressed!