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Easily best nanotechnology advancement!

I kn0w all history of all my cars and considered an extended family mechanic. This product had been handed to my by one of the automotive club members and close friends to try since I am believer of all classic approach to the maintenance: religious oil changes at the proper interval. I have a hauling 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 truck in my shop that is starting to have a faint but very distinct rod knock and at 360000 miles it kind of close to expecting issues like that. As you could image, this truck is on the road a lot! So if it does not work, it would be definitely the best rig to try it on. So I picked up mail and applied as directed, the whole tube into a warmed up vehicle. Than i started a car and it sounds just like it sounded before, no changes right away. Still tick-tick-tick-ing at me as before. I left it idling and returned back not in 15 minutes but forgot about it, and it idled for almost an hour. To my genuine surprise, the engine sounded much quieter!!! I took it for a spin and it is noticeably driving better! So for about a week of daily driving the mileage was slowly climbing up to where it was when the car was new. I think for total immersion they should be selling it with a new car smell :-) Now about a year after this car still running at 380000 and get comments from anyone who works for us and drives it on "nanotechnology" sticker. So, since then I have used it in every car we have with various results. Newest one being 2013 Subaru Outback where it reduced significantly but not completely eliminated oil consumption. We added it to our shop compressor oil (half of the ml mixed with oil), and it reduced pumping time from empty to a full pressure by about 15%. But the fascinating thing was to use it in my AR-15. I put a dab on about 20 bullets and shot manually i can tell that accuracy increased and barrel warms up less.

Amazing Product

I added TriboTEX to my 1999 Honda CR-V with over 200,000 miles on it. The TriboTEX has been in for 2 months now. I have to say I was shocked right after I put in and I am still shocked with the results. It drives like it is new again. I would recommend this to anyone that wants that new car feel again. You won't regret it.

Nano tech rules

I put the Tribo Tech in my 2000 Jimmy it has 162000 miles , I noticed the engine is running quieter as for mileage it's about the same , I've put 200 miles on it since adding it to the oil . We'll see what happens at 500 miles I'll start checking mileage at that point . Nano technology is going to change the way we live for the better .especially in the energy field .This Tribo Tech is at the vanguard of this Nano technology and I believe in what you guys are doing , keep at it and I'm looking to see what you bring to the market next .

14L Detroit

Put it in my semi truck with 1,000,000+ miles. Immediately noticed a smoother idle & noticeably less engine noise thru the transmission stick at highway cruising speeds. Seems to have a bit more power too. Haven’t checked fuel mileage yet, but am pleased with the results I’ve seen.

So far, so good!

Added Tribotex to my '99 Sierra 1500 4x4's engine(305,000 miles on it) after oil change(mobil1). Waited for my brother in law Tom to witness. As was told to expect, engine was much quieter at idle within 5 minutes. Headed out for a 1100 miles road trip on that monday morning through mountain passes of Montana, Idaho and Washington. Pulling a flatbed trailer. empty headed west and with granite slabs on return leg. Noticed that the engine did not work as hard on the grades and that downshifts were smoother (not sure why that was) and engine sounded better at higher rpms ( over 3700 to 4500 rpm- which I have avoided like the plague). No noticeable increase in fuel economy yet but very happy with the smoothness of my 5.3L v-8. Will be adding it to 2004 Mercedes S430 at upcoming oil change (mobil 1). Can't wait to see what it does for the car.

Shipped quickly.

I'll let you know in 20 years if it actually extended the life of my Tacoma.

Best in 50+ years driving

I am a driver with 50 years on the road and rebuild my first car engine with my dad when I was 14. Retired military veteran. I tried many additives and not received long-term satisfaction. Pledged early on Kickstarter because of DOD funding those guys got. Little thumb size syringe arrived in the mail in a crafty plain box. It did wonders to our V6 Camry with 310000 miles and two timing belts replaced. The car was in our family for a long time and our daughter got through college in it. After injection, it took about 3 minutes to notice that motor started to become quieter and after about a week of driving it turned into smooth running ant torque picked back up just like we first drove it off the lot! This stuff is the only one that gave such a strong effect on an old car. Returned and got treatment for a semi. Big syringe arrived with different color stuff. In my Cat engine, my MPG went from mid 5's to low 6's. The engine is much quieter and has way less vibration. Noticed that oil stays clear quite longer and less blowby. Looking forward for rear diff product!

Year, Make, Model and Mileage Ex: 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles : Honda Accord 2003
Better than Th Expect

I bought this Product 600 Mile Ago, and here what is Exactly what happen:
0 - 5 Mile: nothing happen
5 - 10 Mile: notice a massive different in my Engine Sound, it become so Quite
10 - 100 Mile notice a very good Engine respond and my car speed increased almost 20%
100 - now, a did notice a clear Improvement in my Gas per Mileage, i was fulling my tank every 10 days, now i am filling my tank every 13 days with same driving Routine.

I am very happy with this Product, and i already recommend it for the whole Family Members.

Year, Make, Model and Mileage Ex: 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles : My 97 Dakota has 214,000 miles on it , My Intrepid w/new rebuilt engine 13000 mile as well as my Mower
Old New and what ever Tribo Tex WORKS!!

Put it in my 97 Dodge Dakota that has 214000 miles on it and was as noisy as a sewing machine. Since I used Tribo Tex it has gotten very quiet and I do believe my mileage is better. I know for sure that my oil pressure is much better at a cruse it is up between 40 and 60 now so I am Very happy with my purchase and will continue to use Tribo Tex. I also added it to my new rebuild 02 Dodge Intrepid that I built to give it more protection as well as my old Murray Riding mower I have everything I own running Tribo Tex so folks when you have a worn engine give it a try I did and I am Glad and Grateful!!

Year, Make, Model and Mileage Ex: 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles : 2002 Dodge ram 1500 with 159000 miles

Had a little tappet noise it took maybe 30 min and the noise was gone. Really works.

Tribotex additive

Well seeing as the instructions state a very high mileage for using the product
It would be hard give a proper review but as long as I've had in my 1997 audi a4
1.8T I'm satisfied with its performance and we will see as times goes on.

Score 3

Used in 1993 GMC pickup w 275,000 miles, 2004 Sebring w 195,000 miles, and in my son's Jeep. All run smoother and quieter, still working on gas mileage. Thanks

Hesitant at first but happy I bought it

I have a 2012 Audi A7 3.0 supercharged with 88k on it. Nothing has been wrong with the car and it runs great. I wanted to try this out just as a preventative maintenance thing. I went in with low expectations as these products seem to never really do anything. I put this in a month and a half ago with my oil change. I never really drive the car as my daily work commuter is my bicycle. I am at about 300 miles since that and WOW, my gas mileage around town is already so much better. I was averaging about 19 in town and 26 freeway. Now my in town is 23 mpg and the freeway is about 31 mpg. Haven't noticed much as far as horsepower as the car is fast AF already and I drive like a grandma. Going to be buying this for my 1992 Chevy Cheyenne 3500 with the 454 big block. I just use it for my camper and will post results on that. Would have no problem telling my mom to buy this product. Highly recommend!!!


2000 dodge Dakota 4.7. 160+ thousand miles. Smoothed out the engine, runs much quieter now. I definitely notice an increase in power and throttle response. I haven’t noticed an increase in fuel mileage, but to be fair I haven’t crunched the numbers either.
I recommend this product.

Great performance

I've used this product in my two gasoline engine cars and in my F-350 /7.3 Liter diesel. The big difference I noticed in the cars was, when it was time to change the oil, (5,000 miles) I checked the dipstick and the oil looked like I had changed it a week ago. I left it in and check it every 1,000 miles. So far, I'm at 8,000 miles and it's just starting to show signs of pollution. I'll probably change it at 9,000 miles. The truck, being diesel, can't be expected to remain as clean as the gas burners (and it hasn't) but, I went from about 11.5 mpg to 13.5 mpg. I highly recommend this product!

Awesome Tech

So, with potentially nothing left to lose in my 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Rough idle poor MPG probably a slew of existing problem that did not get fixed. I heard about TriboTEX Believe it or not on a Facebook add. Watch their YouTube video and thought what can it hurt. I had immediate improvement that were slightly noticeable, followed by substantial improvements as the break in period came to a close 25-39 MPG I expect it will be a bit early for the wow to wear off one tank of gas results in MPG has a large margin of error But I am not far from the second go round. I am very satisfied with what I see so far, The MPG was a bonus I was just looking for a smoother ride i.e. less vibration during idle. And that was a complete success.

Noticed an increase in my gas mileage

Before i can only attain 18 MPG, after i used Tribotex i was able to attain 20.5 MPG

4 banger

Hello well I put tribotex in my 1994 honda civic with a b18c1 gsr engine at the time the car was dyno at 527hp I notice that the car idle went down and felt smoother so I decided to have it retuned I did change the cams In it with skunk 2 tuner 2s from stock cams and off we went to the dyno. car did really well 813hp @50%duty cycle i been to the track several times drive it there and back street/track car running 10 sec passes going for 9s In. The next two weeks drain the oil several times to check for metal and found nothing oil always looks good and clean only down fall I see is that I use e85 and it thinner then gas and use 30%and it drips down to the oil so I have to chang my oil way before 500 miles so it'll get kind of expensive wish it was a bit cheaper so I'm not in it for gas mileage but more in it for the internal protection of the car and its seems to be doing a great job I do have 3 other cars I would like to try it for gas mileage at some point. (How about a sponsorship guys) or at least make it more affordable for us racers to use it every oil change or every other oil chang. Ty

This stuff is awesome

I've added TriboTEX to harleys,trucks,cars,boats,lawntractors,farm tractors,kubota rtv,s gearboxes differentials and all I can say is "WOW" absolutely amazing the money I've saved in fuel and oil has more than paid for itself I have many customers who have had the same experience with it as well thank you for such a wonderful product cant wait to order more

Great product!

I like the product so much, ive shared with family and friends who have higher mileage vehicles. Each have experienced smoother running engines and lower gas mileage. This truly is a fantastic product!

Amazing product saved my vehicles

04 gmc envoy 120k when I bought it it was knocking lower bearing noise noisey lifters after the product it’s quiet as a mouse no shakes about 4mpg extra now at 145k running better and quieter then ever

09 Nissan Altima 2.5s 105k shake at idle no misfire new tb new o2s

Seems to work

My mpg is going up which is crazy to see. I'm taking stock just to see how often I'm filling up even though I can see mileage is better but it honestly looks like it's working

Former Prolong User

I recently bought a very new looking 2007 Mercedes ML350 with 135,000 miles on it. As a relatively old man, my intent was to get another 100,000 miles out of it before one of my kids takes my keys away. For many years now I have been putting in a bottle of Prolong on any used car I've bought without paying too much attention as to whether I could actually tell any difference or not, but believing I was doing the right thing for improved engine wear. This time I switched to TriboTEX and have noticed the same general improvement in engine quietness that other reviewers have commented on. I haven't noticed any negative effects and my positive observations are purely subjective. However, I believe them to be real and my switch from Prolong to TriboTEX will most likely permanent. No disrespect to Prolong, it's also a great oil additive.

Awesome Additive!

I purchased two tubes and added them to a 2004 Chevy Cavalier with over 217K, which I have had since new, and a 2004 Mercedes ML350 with over 165K. The Mercedes hasn't been quiet since I got it at 155K. I followed the instructions and I noticed within the first 15 minutes it was a little quieter than before. After 500+ Mike's I can honestly say that it starts up easier, has more torque, pick-up, and most of the time I can't even tell it's running. I haven't realized any fuel gains, but honestly I think TriboTex only promises 1-3% better mpg, which on this car getting 15-19 mpg is what .20 MPG max gains? Either way I am very pleased with the results and won't have to do this again for 40k miles? That's 205K.

My Cavalier has a few mods like a short ram intake and polyurethane motor mounts so it's not been quiet for a very long time and it does vibrate a little more than a normal Cavalier. I put the additive in and I didn't notice a change in pitch right away, but after about 100 I did notice that it had a tad more power and was slightly quieter. After the 500 Mike's I have noticed that it vibrates less, has more torque, and is a little more responsive. Again, I didn't notice any gas gains in a car that gets between 25-32 MPG, but I do drive spirited. This stuff is so good that I am going to put it in my 2017 Honda CR-V and my 1978 Datsun 280Z once I get it road worthy again. The only thing I would like is a transmission additive. Can I use this in my transmission too TriboTex? Either way people, if you love your vehicle or just want it to last longer than this is the stuff to buy. I have ttried other additives and there has only been one that comes close to this.