TriboTEX Engine - Big Rig Formula

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TriboTEX has heard from truckers and has now perfected the “Big Rig” formulation and now available for those large diesel workhorses. 

Reduced engine friction results in better fuel economy and longer engine life. The TriboTEX additive protects and improves the engine by forming a long lasting hard surface coating in high friction areas. Proven by science and verified by operators, TriboTEX diesel additive pays for itself through better fuel economy and the “reverse wear” coating provides that extra insurance during full performance trips and in high time engines. 

Protective lubrication of the turbocharger(s) is a major benefit.

In 500 miles of use, TriboTEX goes to work to:

  • More noticeable horsepower for those long climbs.
  • Better fuel economy – TriboTEX pays for itself, then TriboTEX pays you with fuel savings.
  • Noisy engines will become noticeably quieter particularly during cold engine start-up.

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One applicator treats 10-15 gallons of motor oil (Class 7-8 trucks)  TriboTEX is ideally added between oil changes.  Only one application is needed to form the highly lubricious, hard surface coating on your engine's bearings.  

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Customer Reviews

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Seth Forstall (Colfax, US)
Easily best nanotechnology advancement!

I kn0w all history of all my cars and considered an extended family mechanic. This product had been handed to me by one of the automotive club members and close friends to try since I am a believer of all classic approach to the maintenance: religious oil changes at the proper interval. I have a hauling 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 truck in my shop that is starting to have a faint but very distinct rod knock and at 360000 miles it kind of close to expecting issues like that. As you could image, this truck is on the road a lot! So if it does not work, it would be definitely the best rig to try it on. So I picked up mail and applied as directed, the whole tube into a warmed up vehicle. Then I started a car, and it sounds just like it sounded before, no changes right away. Still tick-tick-tick-ing at me as before. I left it idling and returned back not in 15 minutes but forgot about it, and it idled for almost an hour. To my genuine surprise, the engine sounded much quieter!!! I took it for a spin and it is noticeably driving better! So for about a week of daily driving the mileage was slowly climbing up to where it was when the car was new. I think for total immersion they should be selling it with a new car smell :-) Now about a year after this car still running at 380000 and get comments from anyone who works for us and drives it on "nanotechnology" sticker. So, since then I have used it in every car we have with various results. Newest one being 2013 Subaru Outback where it reduced significantly but not eliminated oil consumption. We added it to our shop compressor oil (half of the ml mixed with oil), and it reduced pumping time from empty to full pressure by about 15%. But the fascinating thing was to use it in my AR-15. I put a dab on about 20 bullets and shot manually i can tell that accuracy increased and barrel warms up less.

Customer (Colfax, US)
Best in 50+ years driving

I am a driver with 50 years on the road and rebuild my first car engine with my dad when I was 14. Retired military veteran. I tried many additives and not received long-term satisfaction. Pledged early on Kickstarter because of DOD funding those guys got. Little thumb size syringe arrived in the mail in a crafty plain box. It did wonders to our V6 Camry with 310000 miles and two timing belts replaced. The car was in our family for a long time and our daughter got through college in it. After injection, it took about 3 minutes to notice that motor started to become quieter and after about a week of driving it turned into smooth running ant torque picked back up just like we first drove it off the lot! This stuff is the only one that gave such a strong effect on an old car. Returned and got treatment for a semi. Big syringe arrived with different color stuff. In my Cat engine, my MPG went from mid 5's to low 6's. The engine is much quieter and has way less vibration. Noticed that oil stays clear quite longer and less blowby. Looking forward for rear diff product!

Dustin Moffitt (Hays, US)
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): Zero noticeable improvement in any regards in my vehicles. Waste of money. Save it and just keep up with maintenance and injector cleaner.
Save your money and spend it on something worth while.

Did not notice any improvement in any regard.

T. Dugan (Houston, US)
14L Detroit

Put it in my semi truck with 1,000,000+ miles. Immediately noticed a smoother idle & noticeably less engine noise thru the transmission stick at highway cruising speeds. Seems to have a bit more power too. Haven’t checked fuel mileage yet, but am pleased with the results I’ve seen.

Robert Hudson (Shippensburg, US)
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): My 97 Dakota has 214,000 miles on it , My Intrepid w/new rebuilt engine 13000 mile as well as my Mower
Old New and what ever Tribo Tex WORKS!!

Put it in my 97 Dodge Dakota that has 214000 miles on it and was as noisy as a sewing machine. Since I used Tribo Tex it has gotten very quiet and I do believe my mileage is better. I know for sure that my oil pressure is much better at a cruse it is up between 40 and 60 now so I am Very happy with my purchase and will continue to use Tribo Tex. I also added it to my new rebuild 02 Dodge Intrepid that I built to give it more protection as well as my old Murray Riding mower I have everything I own running Tribo Tex so folks when you have a worn engine give it a try I did and I am Glad and Grateful!!

Craig Toth (Ogden, US)
Year, make, model and mileage (e.g. 2005 Toyota Prius 179,000 miles): 2014 GMC 2500, Duramax Diesel
Sorry Guys, But...

I'm sorry, I really am, but I have observed no noticeable difference in the fuel mileage nor performance of my truck. I followed the instructions to the letter, and gave it a proper chance to take hold. I have since put several tanks of fuel through both without and with a heavy load. I am sorry to say I have noted no change in performance. On the upside, I've also not had any problems either, so, yeah! I was hoping for better results to report.

It certainly shines in applications where substantial wear is present which is older vehicles with more thank 100K miles. So reach out to us to understand is your vehicle just in tip top shape or your performance issues are related to something else.

Bill Bigelow (Pelion, US)
This stuff is awesome

I've added TriboTEX to harleys,trucks,cars,boats,lawntractors,farm tractors,kubota rtv,s gearboxes differentials and all I can say is "WOW" absolutely amazing the money I've saved in fuel and oil has more than paid for itself I have many customers who have had the same experience with it as well thank you for such a wonderful product cant wait to order more

David Somers (Linden, US)
Nano tech rules

I put the Tribo Tech in my 2000 Jimmy it has 162000 miles , I noticed the engine is running quieter as for mileage it's about the same , I've put 200 miles on it since adding it to the oil . We'll see what happens at 500 miles I'll start checking mileage at that point . Nano technology is going to change the way we live for the better .especially in the energy field .This Tribo Tech is at the vanguard of this Nano technology and I believe in what you guys are doing , keep at it and I'm looking to see what you bring to the market next .