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How do I use TriboTEX
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Tacoma Gets New Life

I drive a 96 Tacoma 4wd, 6 cylinder. It has 345,000 miles on it. In the past 2 years it has become louder, uses more gas and a quart of oil/month. It has lost a lot of power. I was ready to trade her in but decided to try this first. The results have been dramatic. Only 400 miles in now the engine sounds and feels much smoother and the power is dramatically increased. I feel like I’m using a lot less gas but I haven’t checked my mileage yet, but I will update you when I do.

- David Hayes

More Highway Miles

With absolute certainty, my engines are quieter. I cannot vouch for better gas mileage in the city but my higher expressway numbers are coming in much much better. Like 2-2.25 MPG better. Shame on you if you don’t try it.

- Edward Harris

A Performance Boost

I have added this to both of my vehicles, 2011 BMW 335xi and 2003 BMW M3 (manual), and they both have over 100K miles. I have noticed that the 335xi does run smoother and quieter as with the M3 but I am not seeing any significant reduction in heat. I can say that I have see a slight increase in gas mileage to about 20 MPG for the city with the M3. Am I supposed to see anything else over time because its been about two months since I added. I can also say that the compression on the M3 has increased to near factory settings and its noticeable in the pedal. Thanks much!!!

- Christopher Stephens