Made in the Palouse

A Northwest Company

Founded by a PhD student at Washington State University, TriboTEX is proud to research, manufacture, and conduct business from the heart of the Palouse. Our headquarters are located in charming Colfax, WA.

Run longer, stronger, and cleaner, with nanotech.

Use Less Fuel

Go farther on the same tank of gas. Our customers report fuel economy imporvements of up to 20% on idle (highway 2-6%).

Boost Performance

Experience more power for responsive handling and speed. Dyno testing shows horsepower increases by up to 13% (2017 Briggs & Stratton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

Extend Engine Life

Never quit. Extend the life and vitality of your engine with a diamond-like armor that self-adapts to reverse wear.

Custom Lubrication Solutions

If you have a lubrication problem or durability issue that needs solved, contact us. Our team of Ph.D. tribology experts are excited to solve your lubrication problem.

We have 16+ different pieces of scientific testing and measurement equipment on standby that will help us identify the best solution for you. Additionally we are among the largest manufacturers of nano-scale materials in the world and our processes are easily scaled up to suit your needs.

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