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Reverse Wear with Nanotech

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The Mini version of our Original formula that boosts performance, improves fuel economy, and extends longevity. Perfect for four (4) cylinder engines, compact cars, motorcycles, small equipment, and scooters.

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Why not buy yourself diamond-like armor?

Diamond-Like Armor

TriboTEX nanoparticles have two sides: one that binds and one that glides. The grippy side reinforces and strengthens, while the slippery side reduces friction.

Just like carbon in the mantle of the earth, they self-align into a diamond-like armor under the heat and pressure of your engine, grippy side facing in and slippery side facing out. This coating dramatically reduces friction, down to superlubricity levels.

Friction is Your Enemy

How does TriboTEX reverse wear? It actively fills in worn out spots inside your engine, like applying a finish to a wood table. The magic is how it only fills in spots where friction is highest. Never worry about clogging up oil filters, ports, or lifters.

Meet your secret weapon.

Developed with grants from NASA, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Energy and more, TriboTEX has been shown in tests to:

  • Reduce friction by more than 10X over engine oil alone
  • Increase horsepower by 1-3%
  •  Increase fuel economy by 6-8% in cars with 130K+ miles
  • Reduce engine noise within the first 15 minutes of use
  • Fill in worn away material up to 40 micron or .0016 inch.
  • Safe for the environment and your engine
Special Offer: $29

No thanks, I don't own a small engine.


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Is TriboTEX safe for my car?
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Run longer, stronger, and cleaner with


Boost Performance

Experience more power for responsive handling and speed. Dyno testing shows horsepower increases up to 13%.

Use Less Fuel

Go further on the same tank of gas. Our customers report fuel economy improvements of up to 20% on idle (2-6% hwy).

Extend Engine Life

Never quit. Extend the life and vitality of your engine with a diamond-like armor that self-adapts to reverse wear.

TriboTEX is a research company at heart. All our products are backed by rigorous testing and accepted standards set out by ASTM and the API. Unlike most oil additive companies, we’re willing to show you the data behind our products. We know it works. And we want you to have the confidence to know it works too.

To learn more about the science behind TriboTEX and see the results for yourself, click here.

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