Would you race off-road in a $400 Prius?!

What is the Gambler 500?

The Gambler 500 is a mostly off-road rally where participants race cheap vehicles throughout the country. The navigational adventure focuses on outdoor stewardship, where rally participants gather trash and remove abandoned vehicles from national lands.

Each month, different Gambler 500 events pop up across the country. Participants can race their vehicles on dirt road tracks made by HooptieX. Races are open to daily drivers, junkyard beaters, trophy trucks, and more.

We sent our lead engineer to several Gambler 500 events over the summer so he could push our TriboTEX products to the limit in a $400 2002 Toyota Prius. We were looking for a way to test our nanoparticle products, and what we found was a community dedicated to keeping older vehicles on the road longer. TriboTEX shares the same goal.

Watch the video to learn more about the Gambler 500 and HooptieX racing. For a limited time, use code G500 for 15% off any TriboTEX product. Here's to keeping cars on the road longer.

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What is TriboTEX?

TriboTEX is a machine coating nanotechnology for engines, transmissions, and gearboxes. Reverse wear with drop-in treatments that restore and defend your vehicle.

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Pavlo Rudenko, PhD, TriboTEX offers a clean alternative to currently available lubricants and additives. With support from various institutions including NASA, NSF, DOE, DOD, and the U.S. Air Force, we developed a product that reverses wear in mechanical devices with a self-assembling coating. TriboTEX is pursuing industry partnerships to reduce friction, conserve energy, and reduce waste around the world. Viable for a broad range of applications, smart formulations developed by TriboTEX can be added to lubricants to offer valuable solutions for the automotive, industrial, military, and wind power sectors.

How it Works

Benefits of TriboTEX

Extend Engine Life

Never quit. Extend the life and vitality of your engine witha diamond-like armor that self-adapts to reverse wear.

Boost Performance

Experience more power for responsive handling and speed. Dyno testing shows horsepower increases by up to 13%.

2017 Briggs & Stratton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Use Less Fuel

Go further on the same tank of gas. Our customers report fuel economy improvements of up to 20% on idle (2-6% highway).

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What You Can Do with TriboTEX

  • Maximize performance in your sports car, road warrior, or daily driver.
  • Restore your classic and preserve its originality.
  • Reduce emissions even further in your hybrid.
  • Build trust in a used car with enhanced reliability.
  • Save at the pump with better fuel economy.
  • Safeguard your fleet and say goodbye to downtime.

Backed by Science, not Big Oil

This breakthrough technology was developed at national labs with support from NASA, the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Air Force with the Dept. of Defense.

TriboTEX Partnerships (USAF, DOE, DOD, NASA, NSF, Argonne National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab)

All federal agencies provided research funding or assistance in developing TriboTEX technology. Per federal rules, none have endorsed TriboTEX for their product or service.

Image of two pages of an article in NASA Spinoff magazine. The article is titled

Featured in NASA Spinoff

"Nanotechnology Repairs Engine Damage in Cars"

"That spot of oil on the garage floor dripping from your engine indicates a problem. It’s so small that you put off going to the mechanic, until you hear a new noise and the oil pressure warning light goes off. The bad news is that one of the bearings in the crankshaft is the source of the issue. Due to wear, the normally round part is now more elliptical in shape. Some of the metal has worn away, landing you with a costly repair..."

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Proudly Developed and Made in the USA

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Developed in partnership with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, Argonne National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab. Made in the USA.

*All federal agencies provided research funding or assistance in developing TriboTEX technology. Per federal rules, none have endorsed TriboTEX for their product or service.

Easy to Use

  • Warm up your engine, then shut it off.
  • Locate the engine oil fill port and remove cap.
  • Inject treatment and replace cap.
  • Let engine idle for 15 minutes.

Special Offer for Gambler Fans

Take 15% off with code G500!


Introducing TriboTEX Transmission

Our award-winning nanotechnology is now formulated to protect and reverse wear in your drivetrain, so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will be there for you when you need it most. Experience unparalleled power and an endurance boost with a drop-in treatment.

We designed this advanced technology to repair damaged bearings and gears, and protect the most precise and delicate components of gearboxes with diamond-like armor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TriboTEX nanoparticles have two sides, one that binds and one that glides. The grippy side reinforces and strengthens, while the slippery side reduces friction.

Just like carbon in the mantle of the earth, they self-align into a diamond-like armor under the heat and pressure of your engine, grippy side facing in and slippery side facing out. This coating dramatically reduces friction, down to superlubricity levels.

Learn more on our Science page.