TriboTEX for Diesel Trucks - Made in USA

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Diesel owners don’t get left out in the cold here at TriboTEX.

We understood that diesel owners need a tougher formula to keep their engines running strong. Ready for much tougher conditions than your average Monday morning commuter. Diesels need extra protection for higher engine temps and pressures.

Luckily, our research team came up with a formula that performs. In the first 500 miles of use, you’ll see:

  • More power under the hood for that extra git-up-n-go
  • Better fuel mileage so you’re saving money on every trip
  • Strong noise reduction that you’ll be able to hear in the first 15 minutes

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Applying TriboTEX is so easy, it won’t take more than 2 minutes during your next oil change. All you do is:

1. Warm up your engine after your oil change. Locate the oil cap under the hood.

2. Inject TriboTEX into the oil compartment.

3. Drive your car normally.

4. Drive 500 miles to feel the full effect.

5. Apply another coat after 40,000 miles (or your 10th oil change).

One application of TriboTEX Diesel treats engines with 8-13 quarts of oil. Compatible with all major engine oils, engine oil additives, and diesel engine types. 

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Customer Reviews

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Engine sound is quieter

I have tried it on my 2013 Genesis 3.8 a couple of days ago and I can tell that it works
The engine sound is much quieter and smoother engine and fuel economy much improved, even the start up is smoother!
So far so good and I'm very impressed

TriboTEX Diesel

Noticed a major difference in engine noise reduction in an already quiet engine. Have about 400 miles since adding TriboTEX

it has been in the truck for 30 minutes

give it 3 months and contact me again

Smooth as a sewing machine

I could hear the difference within 2-minutes. Looking forward to increased fuel efficiency. (2006 Kubota tractor)