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Scientists Swear Under Oath That This Amazing Nanotechnology REVERSES WEAR in Your Engine

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TriboTEX is made possible by over $1M+ in research grants and contracts from the U.S. Air Force, NASA, DOE, NSF, and more. Over 30,000+ treated cars are on the road.

Utilizing the most advanced anisotropic nanoparticle technology available today, TriboTEX protects and repairs your engine.

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Our Award-Winning Engine Treatments

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of our award-winning engine treatments.

Boost Performance

Experience more power for responsive handling and speed. Dyno testing shows horsepower increases by up to 13%. Get the new-car pickup and compression without the new-car payments.

Use Less Fuel

Go further on the same tank of gas. Our customers report fuel economy improvements of up to 20% on idle (highway 2-6%).

Extend Engine Life

Never quit. Extend the life and vitality of your engine with a diamond-like armor that self-adapts to reverse wear.

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How it Works


TriboTEX nanoparticles have two sides: one that binds and one that glides. The grippy side reinforces and strengthens, while the slippery side reduces friction. Just like carbon in the mantle of the earth, they self-align into a diamond-like armor under the heat and pressure of your engine, grippy side facing in and slippery side facing out. This protective coating dramatically reduces friction, down to superlubricity levels.

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